Watch Me Grow – RL at 6 Months


What a precious time it is – the first year of a baby’s life! Little RL is 6 months old, and she’s as beautiful as can be.


She has the kindest family, and I love this image of them all together.


Her brothers are full of personality, and love for her! They loved walking in the woods, and were so busy they didn’t want to stop for such craziness as photographs. πŸ™‚ They played and ran and jumped, just like little boys should. I love seeing their personalities grow and develop as they get older.


Just look at those grins. You know their mom and dad are in trouble when these three get older! πŸ˜‰


She’s such a beautiful, smiley little sweetheart.

We had so much fun during her photo session, using all kinds of girly things for her portraits. So many little girls throw off headbands and pull out hair bows – but not RL … she loved every one. Her favorite part of all the props, though, was the string of beads. She played with them for so long, and would reach for them as soon as they were moved.

Daddies have a special bond with their little girls – as a Daddy’s girl myself, I know how wonderful it is to have that relationship in your life. RL is a lucky little girl – not only does she have a mama that loves her so fiercely, she has a daddy who would do anything for her.


Happy 6 months, RL!

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