First Birthday Session – RL at 1


This little girl is ‘sugar and spice and everything nice,’ and it shows! She is precious beyond rubies and has the sweetest smile and personality. Even in the heat, with so much going on around her – she was able to create gorgeous images with her family!


Her brothers love her so very much, and it was so wonderful to watch them take care of her and hold her.


The farm where we photographed was picturesque, and had such beautiful scenery for family photographs. The pond with the field in the background just added more beauty to an already lovely family.


We all were amazed at the fawn that was so friendly, it kept coming up to say hello throughout the session! It loved to be fed and get a good scratch on the head.


We created images that had the landscape in the background as well as more rustic images by the barns and equipment.


The boys even cuddled up to dad in an unplanned image that was just to sweet to skip. They enjoyed climbing the fences and stalls in the barn and seeing what kind of mischief they could create. Their energy and search for fun had me on my toes! These boys remind me so much of my own kids, and I love photographing their family.


Finally, it was time for cake – and RL was ready! She knew exactly what to do, and didn’t waste a bit of time thinking about how to get into the cake – she took care of it one fistful at a time.


Who knew 12 months ago, when she was such a tiny snuggling newborn, and then a wiggly 6 month old, that she would be so excited about her cake smash session? She was not timid or shy – she loved every piece of it! We did convince her to share a little with her brothers…stay tuned for more images of this sweet girl and her family.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your growing family, RL!


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